Weruva Wx Chicken in Gravy 3 oz

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Chicken in Gravy
  • Featuring boneless, skinless white breast meat chicken and egg white
  • Highly bioavailable proteins for optimal digestion & amino acid absorption to help maintain muscle mass
  • Free of grain, gluten, carrageenan, powdered cellulose, and fillers
  • For intermittent or supplemental feeding

In the chart, we have listed phosphorus information based upon a lab analysis of the “as fed percentage”, “dry matter basis percentage”, and “mg/100 kcal”.

  • AS FED – measures phosphorus as an overall percentage of ingredients
  • DRY MATTER BASIS - measures phosphorus as a percentage of ingredients after moisture is removed
  • mg/100 kcal - measures milligrams of phosphorus in 100 kcal of food

Wx Phos Focused - Our Lowest Phosphorus Foods

Based upon literature and veterinarian advice, pet parents of cats with kidney issues often seek foods with the lowest levels of phosphorus. Such foods will not cure damaged kidneys, but they may, generally speaking, help cats feel better—and this in turn may help cats maintain appetite and muscle mass.

Wx Phos Focused foods is not complete and balanced because it does not contain adequate levels of phosphorus. None of our foods are intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your veterinarian when changing your cat’s diet.

Current Weruva Formulas - The Weruva Difference

As the main dietary source of our formulas is boneless meat, many of our complete and balanced formulas (per AAFCO standards) meet or are even significantly below phosphorus levels recommended by veterinarians for cats with kidney issues. Phosphorus is a component of bone, and bones are often in pet food formulas, even if bone is not declared on the package. For instance, the AAFCO definition of chicken is “…flesh and skin with or without accompanying bone”.

The Wx Phos Focused Difference

With Wx Phos Focused foods, we have designed formulas with such low phosphorus levels that they are not complete and balanced (per AAFCO standards). And this includes formulas that are more than 20% less than AAFCO minimum standards for phosphorus. We have accomplished this without sacrificing the integrity or quality of ingredients or processing.

No Protein Sacrifice - Wx Phos Focused foods are for the Obligate Carnivore

“But shouldn’t I be looking for low protein in addition to low phosphorus?”

Cats with kidney issues may benefit from diets that have lower levels of phosphorus, but we believe it is necessary to include adequate levels of protein. Cats, by definition, are obligate carnivores, and this means their bodies need meat. Meat includes high quality protein which in turn helps maintain muscle mass--something crucial for cats with kidney issues.

Keeping phosphorus on the lower side and protein adequate often presents a challenge because rising protein levels typically correlates with rising phosphorus levels. Accordingly, many traditional “low phosphorus” diets often sacrifice protein content to hit target phosphorus levels. As such formulas swap muscle building protein for other caloric sources, such as carbohydrates, they may not be entirely fit for an obligate carnivore.

By carefully choosing protein sources that contain lower levels of naturally occurring phosphorus (including boneless skinless chicken breast, boneless tilapia filets and egg whites—the same cuts and quality as used in products for people), Wx Phos Focused foods “circles the square”. The result—Wx Phos Focused formulas maintain substantial levels of protein to help maintain muscle mass while at the same time providing phosphorus levels below AAFCO standards.

Why Do Cat Parents Seek Lower Phosphorus Formulas

As kidney health declines, the kidneys may no longer filter blood efficiently, and excess phosphorus may enter the bloodstream. Consequently, cats may generally feel ill, become lethargic or experience loss of appetite. Unfortunately, it may become cyclical as the excess phosphorus may further impair the kidneys. A diet on the lower side of phosphorus, while it will not cure kidney issues, may help with the ailments.

Metabolizable Energy Profile - Species Appropriate Caloric Ratio

We aim for:

60% calories coming from fat
40% calories coming from protein
0% calories coming from carbohydrates