My first blog is about a tip that I have for cat parents regarding loading your cat in the carrier. As many of you know, sometimes this can be extremely challenging to say the least. Cats will scratch, do the splits, try to escape or more and if you get it wrong the first try.... well good luck with that!

A simple tip that I have for you is to set yourself up for success. This means being calm, not alerting your cat that anything negative is going to happen. This also means not grabbing all their belongings out of the room before you even start. Maybe a few treats, a snuggle and a few kind words before we begin. 

First Step: Put the carrier on a table with the edge at the end of the table. Slowly pick up your cat for a cuddle, all the while pointing his or her head away from the carrier. Bring the cat up to the carrier and point them in and voila!

It works, almost everytime.