We offer the highest quality care for your little ones; which is why we are "Where Stylish Kitties Go To Relax!"

 Cats Paradise Spa and Boarding Retreat is the premier boarding facility for pampered kitties in the Ottawa region! We have been in operation for over 16+ years now & are constantly adding to our cattios to make them the best possible vacation spot for your kitties. A cat-exclusive boarding facility conveniently located just 10 minutes west of Kanata, we offer short and long-term boarding for cats. Distinguished by the clean and roomy lodgings with their very own private gardens, Cats Paradise is the perfect place to leave your feline companion when you go away.

Cats can enjoy the clean air and peaceful environment. They can spend their time mostly indoors, or outside, whatever they prefer! Inside, they can enjoy the cozy wood stove and fun perches. Outside, they can enjoy watching the birds or the miniature horses just beyond their garden. They will especially enjoy the cedar playgrounds in each cats garden terrace as well as the outdoor hammock's. Another kitty play park is just off beautiful sunny solarium.

Not only do we offer the roomiest rooms, the nicest gardens and a fantastic view of horses, both full size and miniature, but we offer the best all-natural wholesome foods and lots of TLC. What more can a kitty ask for?!?
Most cats will have a minimum 3 by 4 by 5 feet interior space with an additional 3 by 4 by 6 feet exterior space, all with their very own cedar play pen.

The penthouse kitty rooms will measure 3 by 6 by 5 feet interior with 3 by 6 by 6 feet exterior rooms. And these are the single cat rooms!

Each unit with a window is a double, so that is 6 feet by 6 feet by 5 feet interior space!! Each room is equipped with its own cat flap so that the cats can enjoy the outdoors as they please. Almost every room is also equipped with a designer hammock outdoors so that the cats can lounge on the natural cedar decks and take in the fresh air!

We feed each cat according to their routine at home. Each day they spend time in the communal area exploring, getting brushed or just lounging about. It is a cat-spa after all and it is all about pampering:-)

We play music 24 hrs a day, and we even have TV time! The spa itself is heated with both electric heat and a wood pellet stove; while in the summer, it is air-conditioned. We encourage owners to come out for a visit beforehand so they can see for themselves how content the cats truly are. It is truly a cat's dream come true!

No Dogs Boarded
Part of what makes Cats Paradise a unique boarding experience includes the fact that absolutely no dogs are allowed to board here. Cats can feel safe knowing that they are in a unique boarding facility geared towards felines-only. Anyone who owns a cat knows that the ideal setting for a cat to be boarded is one without dogs housed in the same building.