ALL BOOKINGS are subject to a 5 night minimum charge regardless of early checkout $50 non-refundable deposit.


Christmas is subject to a 10 night min charge & $100 non-refundable deposit.

You can pay your deposit in person, over the phone by credit card, or by etransfer to:

**If paying by etransfer, please put your dates of travel & your cats name in the "notes" section.

Payment is due on drop-off by visa, mastercard or debit.


Fees as of March 1st, 2024

European Plan (owner supplies the food)

All Inclusive Plan: add $5/day if we supply the food

 Room Choice 1 Cat 2 Cats 3 Cats 4 Cats
1 Single $30
1 Double $35 $45 $50
2 Singles $55
1 Double + 1 Single $60 $70 $80
2 Doubles $65 $75 $85
3 Singles $80
2 Doubles + 1 Single $85 $95
3 Doubles $95 $105
4 Singles $105
1 Double + 3 Singles $110
2 Doubles + 2 Singles $115
3 Doubles + 1 Single $120
4 Doubles $125


Longer Stays: If your cat will be enjoying a stay of one month or more there is a reduction of $1 per day for the duration of their stay.

For extended periods there may be further reductions.
For example, for two months or more there is a reduction of $2 per day.
For a stay of 3 months or more, there is a reduction of $3 per day.
Please phone or email for additional details. Payment is due at time of drop-off for the duration of your booking. If you check out early, you are still responsible for the days you booked at time of check-in.

Shorter Stays: If you are booking for less then 5 nights we now have shorter stay rates as follows;

single room for one cat = $50/night, double room for one cat = $60

double or extra-large room for two cats = $70 night

Medications: $2.50 per dose (plus HST) up to a maximum of $5.

If your cat is on medication that goes in the food then we do not charge a fee. Please be aware that if they do not eat the medication in the food, there may be an additional charge to medicate by mouth.

Please let us know in advance of any medical requirements your cat might have. 

We do have a medication sheet that the cat-parents will need to fill out on drop-off.


*Please book well in advance for vacations during statutory holidays or the summer. It is best to call first before making a booking if it is during the summer or other holidays.

Our rates are based on a single room = $15, a double room = $20

One cats = $15, each additional cat = $10