"Where Stylish Kitties Go To Relax!"

The Best Vacation Spot for Cats!

Cats Paradise Offer the Ultimate Kitty Getaway!

Cats have their own luxury rooms with soft beds, individual outdoor terrace, hammocks to lounge, a cozy fireplace, a HUGE kitty park, staff that cater to their every need, and of course some paparazzi to capture some candid shots for their paw'rents!

About Us

A few words about us and our passion for cats!

Cats Paradise is owned and operated by Hana Hossenbux. I am ruled by five house cats (one ragdoll, one British Shorthair, and three domestic shorthairs), one new barn cat, and a grand diplomat kitty called Shadow who acts as the meet and greeter at the cat spa) so I know the feline world quite well. I also keep five full size horses (two rescues and three riding horses), and two miniature horses that roam around the spa lawns. The two miniatures (Penny and Thunder) are the lawn crew for the cat spa and you can visit with them when you come by. We have an older Maremma dog that is now mostly sleeping her days away in bed (she had to go to DMV in Montreal for hip surgery this year), and have added two Maremma puppies to herd. If anyone is not aware, these are a flock guardian breed that keeps coyotes and other undesirables off the property.

My goal in establishing the Cat Spa was to create the ultimate vacation getaway for cats and I think we’ve accomplished exactly that! Our staff are fabulous, and do an amazing job catering to every cats need or want. We have the very best kitty park I’ve seen, and we are always working to add new items like the climbing stairs and perches we’ve started to install in the rooms. If I had to list the one thing that the cats love best; it is that they are the boss at the cat spa. The cat doors work so that if they push the flap, it opens, and vice versa to come back in. This way they can roam as they please and may be in & out 100 times a day if they so wish. If anyone has ever been owned by a cat before; then you know that we are the humble servants so having a to wait for service is not really an option!

Lastly, I want to mention that we have the kindest, most wonderful clients that have been coming for years now. I appreciate your support and loyalty in bringing your beautiful kitties to stay. We are honoured to be trusted with their care!

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