Does the owner live onsite?


What happens in the event that my cat needs emergency care?

In the unlikely event your cat needs to go to the vet; we will take the cat to the vet on your behalf and pay the bill with the vet. We will bill you for the veterinary cost upon pickup. Be assured we will stay in close communication.

Why is the outdoor option such a great idea for my cat?

Boarding does not have to be stressful for your cat and introducing a safe outdoor experience makes it more of a vacation for your cat with fresh air, birds, horses and more to amuse them.

Can I transport my cat to the spa in my arms?

Only in a carrier, or a harness. We wouldn't want your feline to get lost.

How can I pay my bill and when?

We bill you for the stay on drop-off; and you can do so by visa, mastercard or debit.

What do I bring with my cat?

Anything you wish to make them more comfortable. Examples, a favorite bed, blanket or your t-shirt.

Can I bring a special litter?


I feed raw at home; can you feed raw?

Absolutely, just send the raw food with the cat!

I use a feeder at home; can I send it?

Absolutely, as long as it is battery operated.

I use a fountain at home; can I send it?

We only have certain rooms with plugs for fountains. Please inquire.

How long can you leave your cat?

As long as you like! We get stays from 3 days, to 13 months!

Do you offer home pick-up?

Yes we do! For a nominal fee we will pickup and drop off your cat, or take your cat into the veterinarian if required.

What are your hours for customers?

10-11 mornings

5 - 6 pm evenings

We are open all statutory holidays except for Christmas