Tiki Cat® STIX™ Duck in Creamy Gravy Cat Treat 3oz (NEW)

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A silky smooth meaty treat to tempt their taste buds!

Convenient packs of six individually wrapped single servings. Serve as a treat or on top of dry food for a boost of flavor and moisture. Protein-rich treat with real, high-quality duck and grain free!


For a boost of flavor and moisture, squeeze the entire tube on top of your cat’s food or feed it alone as a special treat.


Duck broth, duck, chicken, dried egg, natural tuna flavor, natural chicken flavor, xanthan gum, fish extract, salt.


Ingredient Amount MIN/MAX
Crude Protein 8.0% MIN
Crude Fat 2.0% MIN
Crude Fiber 0.5% MAX
Moisture 88.0% MAX