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TICKLESS® Home Plug in Ultrasonic Tick , Flea & Dust Mite Repellent (NEW)

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TICKLESS® Home is a 100% chemical-free tick, flea, and dust mite repellent, that leverages ultrasonic technology.  This revolutionary new device not only effectively repels these annoying pests from your home, but also helps to relieve your dogs suffering from dust mite allergy symptoms.

Many people think that dust mite allergies can only be a threat to us humans, but surprisingly, our pets are also at risk!

Based on the results of our research, showed that dust mite allergies are a more common problem among dogs and cats than we thought. Of the 78 environmentally allergic dogs that participated in the research, an incredible 92% were allergic to dust mites!

Although ticks are mainly outside, do not forget the fact that fleas can be inside.

Tickless® Home ensures your pet remains protected even if your pet not wearing the Tickless® pendant. Just plug in the device and it will disturb ticks and fleas in any environment where it is installed, covering a space as big as 320 square feet.

It is non-toxic and does not use or release any chemical substances or odors, making it safe to use even for young, elderly, ill or pregnant pets.
The device emits ultrasonic pulses that are imperceptible to humans and pets, but interfere with the ability of the parasites to orient themselves, thus keeping them away from your pet.
Tickless has 94% efficiency against ticks and 88% efficiency against fleas.

The device works with a 110-220 V power supply and is able to cover an area of about 320 sqft. The device is primarily intended for preventive purposes.

  • chemical-free
  • covers 320 sqft
  • no odors and fragrances
  • safe to use even for young, elderly, ill, or pregnant pets
  • scientifically proven
  • all-season long protection
  • preventive solution

How to use: Plug the device into a 110-230V power socket near the pet’s bed/blanket in a way that the emitted ultrasonic waves are not obstructed by any object. Short blue flashes after plugin indicate the device is working properly. Thereafter the blue light is permanently lit. When Tickless Home is on, it emits a slight ticking noise. When removing from the socket, you should wait 10 seconds before reconnecting it. The operating range is about 320 sqft. The soundwaves do not travel through walls.

Nightlight function: The soft glow of the night light facilitates orientation in the dark, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries, and its gentle, soothing light increases children’s sense of security at night. It can be adjusted in three different strengths.
Switched on/off: the emitted low-pitched sound can be switched off by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds to ensure peace of mind at night.