Smart Cat Corner Litterbox

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Convenient, triangular plastic litter box

Cat behavior experts recommend a litter box for each cat in your house, plus one extra. The corner litter box, with its triangular shape, fits easily into unusable corner space. Extra boxes will help to eliminate odor problems inside your home by providing another place for your cats to relieve themselves.

Features and Benefits:
Triangular shape fits conveniently into corners
dimensions 24 by 19 by 8
High sides prevent litter kick out
Durable plastic resin ensures long lasting usage
Additional litter boxes help prevent litter box problems
Works great with the Big Mouth Litter Scoop

Need to find a box for your cat that's low enough to the ground so that they can slip in comfortably, but compact enough so it can fit into a corner or similarly cramped space? If so, this is an must-have, as it comes with high sides to prevent litter kick-out, plus a low-entry bottom so arthritic and elderly cats can still navigate it with ease. Made with plastic resin, this box is built for long-term use and features a fill line so you know how much litter to use so it won't be too packed. It also fits into virtually any corner, so it's ideal for apartments or shared living situations.