Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan

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Does your cat scatter litter all over your floors when exiting his litter box? Are you constantly having to keep an eye on your dog to make sure he's not eating your cat's used litter? If these scenarios are familiar to you, consider a Petmate® Top Entry Litter Box.

Unlike standard, open litter boxes, the Petmate Top Entry Litter Box has a unique "box-design" that completely encloses that space where your cat uses the restroom so that no litter can escape the box. The generous wide top opening allows cats of all sizes to jump up and into the box and easily exit when they're done. As your cat jumps out, any remaining litter on his paws is trapped on the non-slip, textured lid and falls back into the box through grates, keeping your floors free of litter. Because of the taller walls and top-entry opening, dogs are unable to reach the bottom of the litter box to eat used litter.

Made in the USA from 95% pre-consumer recycled materials, this eco-friendly litter box has a built-in hook for hanging litter scoops and an attached lid that opens from one side for easy cleaning.


  • Top entrance keeps dogs out of the litter box
  • Wide opening for easy access
  • Rounded edges for easy lifting
  • Non-slip textured lid with openings
  • Made in the USA

20.29" X 15.07" X 15.2"