NaturPet® Hairball Care 100ml

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Stimulates appetite and helps to fully digest food.  Loosens hairballs and helps them pass through the digestive tracts.  Acts as a cleansing agent for the kidney`s, liver, and gallbladder to improve digestive function.  Improves digestion and meabolism of fats.  Relieves digestive discomfort such as bloaint and flatulence.

Mix in with food or give directly to pet.

Weight Daily Feeding (ml)
0-10 lbs 1
26-40 lbs 2
41+ lbs 4



Active Ingredients: Liquorice, Cascara Sagrada, Dendelion Leaf, Ginger, Gentian Root, Slippery Elm.

Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water, Alcohol, Glycerin.

Active Ingredients
Licorice Root 0.06 g
Cascara Bark 0.02 g
Dandelion Leaf 0.09 g
Ginger Root 0.01 g
Gentian Root 0.02 g
Slippery Elm 0.02 g