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Moderna Casetta Camelia Litter Box Enclosure

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Revolutionary litter box, combining style and function

  • No more worries about scattering or spraying; thanks to the high walls
  • The use of the inner tray, makes cleaning this big box very easy.
  • Notice the convenient storage location for the delivered Handy Max with Caddy
  • The ingenious lid eases the everyday cleaning of scooping and refilling 
  • The low entrance allows easy access for cats of all generations and size
  • Scratch & UV-proof IML design
  • Easy pickup sides offer a safe grip
  • Stable base prevents tipping over
  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water
  • Premium quality plastic for long lasting use

Looking for a litterbox with high walls? 
Convenient storage for your scoop?
Easy cleaning?

The Casetta has all of the above plus more! This funky litter box has everything your furry friend needs! The low entrance allows easy access for cats of all sizes and ages. Once inside they will notice a cozy litter box ready for use and providing the privacy they love so much.