Litter Locker Cat Litter Box Hood

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Help your pet feel comfortable and at ease with the new Litter Box Hood – the perfect solution for a cat who likes a little extra privacy or for an owner who wants to keep their designated litter space neat and tidy. The Litter Box Hood is designed to complement your Litter Box. It features a re?ned and unique ?nish that helps keep your home looking fresh and clean, all while doing the most for your pets’ happiness.

The Litter Box Hood is easily accessible with a lightweight and clear swinging door, which also allows natural light to come in. The hood smoothly slides on and off the Litter Box and is easily removable with an incorporated handle when its’ time to clean up. A scoop holder is conveniently located at the back of the hood for easy access.

Litter Cleaning Made Easy.

Litter Locker Litter Box sold separately.