Liquid-Vet Cool Pet Teeth And Gums Advanced Chicken Cat 8 oz

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Liquid-Vet® Feline Teeth & Gums Formulas are for cats needing MORE than just fresh breath and are BETTER than a chew or water additive and EASIER than a paste. Liquid-Vet® Feline Formulas are the only products available in a choice of natural flavors for picky pets or those pets that may have allergies to specific proteins.

Simply dose during mealtime once a day with no mixing required. It’s that easy!

Plus, Liquid-Vet® Feline Teeth & Gums Formulas are GUARANTEED in 2 WEEKS or YOUR MONEY BACK! And how about safety? Liquid-Vet® is manufactured at our own plant located in the USA, using materials only from our qualified USA based suppliers. 

  • BETTER Than a Chew or Water Additive…EASIER Than a Paste
  • TASTY Flavors Cats Crave…Available in Chicken, Seafood, & AllergyFriendly Unflavored
  • HELPS Reduce Plaque, Tartar Buildup, & Gingivitis
  • SUPPORTS Healthy Teeth & Gums
  • Provides Support for Periodontal Function
  • 100% Made in the USA

Directions for Use:

  • For cats under 10 lbs., dose 1 1/2 tsp. For cats 10 lbs. and over, dose 2 tsp.
  • Shake thoroughly and then dose the recommended daily oral dosage during mealtime.
  • For max freshness, refrigerate after use and use the recommended dose daily until bottle is empty.
  • If using along with another one of our formulas (i.e. Kidney & Bladder, Hip & Joint, or Itch & Allergy), we suggest you split between AM and PM feedings to avoid any stomach upset.

Active Ingredients Include 177 mg Dental-Vet® – A proprietary blend of MSM, Cranberry Extract, & Cetylpyridinium Chloride

Inactive Ingredients Include Benzoic Acid, Citric Acid, Purified Water, Flavor (Chicken or Seafood)

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