Instachew Petpod Pet Carrier Pink (NEW)

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The Instachew Petpod Pet Carrier(cat and small dog) is the perfect travel bag for pet parents whose furry friends are their little sidekicks. With two different colors to choose from, share every journey with your beloved pet and take them wherever you go. Your pet has every reason to be comfortable inside the carrier, thanks to the convenient size, shock reduction system, and built-in fan. With optimal ventilation and comfort, take your furry best friend everywhere while they enjoy the scenic world around them.



The quiet built-in fan provides fresh air flow for your pet inside the Petpod Carrier.


The tinted viewing panel allows your pet to enjoy the beautiful scenery while being protected and shaded by the harsh sun.


The smart shock absorption system is built into the backplate of the backpack. It's designed to handle the force of your pet’s weight on your body and minimize shock from moving around. Specially designed metal plated base pads prevent the bag from falling when placed on the floor.


The widened bottom area is designed to increase the surface space for your pet, allowing it to move around.


The intelligent ventilation system allows for smart, automatic air control, relying on the internal temperature of the bag. This keeps the bag always comfortable and breathable.


It also has a small pocket on the side of the backpack, which is to place the remote power source. Connect the mobile power bank, you can control the fan through the switch on the back of the backpack. It doesn't include batteries.


  • Pet Type: Less than 8 kg (just for small puppy dogs and cats)

    Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 16
    Weight: 4.2 lbs.

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