FuzzYard Catty-B - Record Cat Scratcher (NEW)

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Any cat can be a DJ with FuzzYard's Poppin' Record Cat Scratchers. Your feline friend will enjoy hours of spinning the decks and relieving their stress. With plenty of throwback and new labels to choose from your cat can share your excellent taste in music.

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed in Australia
  • Rotates when scratched for an authentic DJ experience
  • Sisal rope tracks for a satisfying scratch
  • Suction cap to attach to glass and tiles
  • Removable sticker for walls

How to:
Option 1: Attach the suction cap directly to a window or tiled wall.
Option 2: Attach the removable sticker to a wall, then attach the suction cap to the sticker.
Unscrew the top on the suction cap and add the record through the centre hole. Screw the cap back on, be sure not to tighten too much so the record can spin.
Warning! The included wall sticker is super strong. It may cause damage to walls, painted and laminated surfaces during removal.

Measurements:33cm Diameter