Dofu Cat Coffee + Bean 2.5 kg (NEW)

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Sustainable Litter that Smells Great!

Dofu Cat's innovative bean litter now has decaffeinated coffee grounds for the perfect blend of a sustainable cat litter and impeccable odour control. Crafted with your cat’s health in mind, this cat-friendly litter is completely safe to use. Its low-dust formula and clumping abilities make it gentle on your cat’s paws and nose.

    • 100% Natural and safe
    • Decaffeinated coffee neutralizes odours
    • 99% dust-free and nose friendly
    • Quick-clumping and highly absorbent
    • Clumps disintegrate in water
    • Eco-friendly and made with byproducts food waste 

    Ingredients: Bean and pea fibre, corn starch, guar gum, and decaffeinated coffee grounds