Catit Cuisine Beef Pâté with Carrots - 95 g (NEW) BOGO

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Catit Cuisine Pâté is a soft, delicious pâte made of natural ingredients only, nutritionally balanced to keep your cat energetic and feeling great. Our grain-free pâté uses real meat as first ingredient, with mixed-in beneficial veggies, gently cooked for maximum preservation of nutrients and taste.

Key features: 

  • Complete pâté with high meat content, naturally rich in taurine
  • Soft texture, great flavour
  • High in moisture, helping to keep your feline hydrated NO grains, soya, or gluten
  • NO artificial preservatives, flavouring, or colouring
  • NO GMOs or added sugars
  • 95g resealable packaging
  • Available in four delicious varieties

Up to 25% more food in the box, good for an extra serving

Each little box of Catit Cuisine Pâté packs a generous amount of food — up to 25% more than cans, which contain 75g on average. Our Tetra Recart packagings are easy to open and reseal, so you can keep your cat’s favourite pâté in the refrigerator overnight for a second serving the next day. Made of 70% renewable FSC-certified paperboard, Tetra Recart packs are recyclable, and more energy-friendly to produce than other types of packaging.