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Considerations When Going Away

Considerations When Going Away

For many of us, a vacation is both a blessing and a curse. It is a welcome respite from our regular work days, but a worry when considering our dependents. Whether you decide to book your cat a stay, or have someone come into the home, you will be apprehensive the first time. 

I recommend both in-house, and out-house stays for cats. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but doing your research will lesson your stress in going away. For anyone that is considering boarding; I always suggest you visit the facility beforehand if at all possible. If not, do research online and see how long they have been in business. This is also true for anyone that will come into your home. If they have not been in cat care long, you should consider this seriously. Remember, if they are a solo operation if something happens to them; does this mean you have to cancel your vacation?

When you visit, you should find out how long the staff have been working there. Are most of the staff students, or are the felines cared for by adults that have owned cats their entire lives. The answer to this, should be obvious to any visitor.

Lastly, does the business have cats that repeatedly visit? If clients keep bringing their cats to the business; it is a sign of trust and appreciation. The first few days are the days to settle in, and get the lay of the land for the cat. After that, they should be either contentedly sleeping, or enjoying their surroundings. Cats rarely get an opportunity to be unhappy in a good environment. They should be looking at the birds, sleeping in a hammock, going nose-to-nose with the horses, climbing wood structures, or simply patrolling the kitty park. These are what makes a great vacation!

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